Student & Business Associates Testimonials

"Our Students have all vouched for Mr Desmond and his techniques in helping them to gain a much deeper understanding of their chemistry courses..." Ms. Nita -MieCoach

"15 years ago, Dr. Worrell became one of my Science teachers. He has always made learning fun and interesting and has a high standard of excellence. Whatever he does, he always breaks it down for everyone to understand - even the most lost and confused student. It is his foundations that he made me into the teacher and scientist I am today". Sherina Phillips - NY

"Dr. Worrell taught me both Chemistry and Biology between 1995 -1998. His teaching style was professional,but also compassionate. Although I may not have known it at the time, he had great classroom management skills and was able to keep his students focused on the task for the day. However, he was also available to them and gave a listening ear, developing trust with students, which in turn assisted with a decrease in classroom behaviors, and an increase in progress. The years that Dr. Worrell taught me the sciences we had a 100% pass rate when we took our... examinations at that school. I believe his committment to knowledge and ensuring that ALL students are geared to be the best that they can be and know the content on the curriculum, along with his warm and welcoming approach impacted a! ll of his students especially myself, for our lifetimes." Lee-Ann Hawkins MA NCC LGPC MST Therapist, MD

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